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Dylan & Christie Scrase

August 9, 2013
To Whom It May Concern,
We are the proud new homeowners of a fantastic home in Rainbow all thanks to the incredible team at Vision Pacific. As our family expanded we outgrew our townhouse and felt the time was right to build a single family home. We spent significant time going over the various lots available and floor plans to find something that met both our needs and budget. We both knew of Vision Pacific’s stellar reputation for building high end homes but were unsure they would be able to produce quality results in our budget without endless upgrade costs to the initial price point. We met a couple builders and instinctively knew that Tim was the absolute right choice to build our dream home.
After our initial meeting with Tim we instantly felt his passion for delivering high quality homes to the residents of Whistler. One thing that Tim said stuck with us. He said he didn’t want to promise one thing and deliver something else since he didn’t want to have to avoid an angry client when you bump into them at the grocery store. He’s right. I bump into him regularly and I offer nothing but gushing praise on how happy we are with our home.
The lot that we choose had a floor plan that was good but just not quite perfect for our needs. It met our budget but only had three bedrooms and we absolutely wanted a 4th bedroom along with an office, laundry room, play room and walk in closet. Essentially we wanted it all but there needed to be some major changes to the design to make that happen. Tim figured it would work and sent the plans to the architect to revise. The architect said it was impossible but Tim persisted and showed them how the design would work by re-jigging pretty much the whole upper floor. Indeed Tim’s keen attention to detail and years of years of experience paid off and the architect was able to put our 4 bedroom home on paper. Thanks to Tim we have an incredibly designed home with every inch of space put to use.
We made many changes along the way and had incredible support from the Vision team. Stephanie helped us hunt down many new items including light fixtures and Tim even came out to meet us after work hours to give input on tile that we found for our fireplace. Neither Dylan nor I have a great eye for design or colors so we relied heavily on Tim’s guidance.
We had an incredible team construct the house with James Funk being involved from framing to the final finishing. It’s pretty amazing to get to know the person who was responsible for physically building your home and knowing how much he cares about making it perfect for us. Harm Oostindie is responsible for making it all happen and has incredible experience. He knows the logistics on how to get everything done. Kristen, Paloma, Stephanie and Jennifer are all wonderful and assisted us every step of the way. Last but not least is Tim Regan, the vision behind our home, the one who made sure everything was “sexy” and who ensured that he has the best team in the valley delivering exceptionally crafted homes on time and on budget .
Vision Pacific built us an amazing custom family home for which we will always be grateful. We would not hesitate to recommend Vision Pacific to anyone looking to build a home in Whistler.
Kind Regards,
Dylan & Christie Scrase
8413 Bear Paw Trail Whistler, BC

Jayne Lomas

Michelle Whitehead 

Adam & Pauline Francis

February 26, 2011,
My family and I are settling down and thoroughly enjoying our new single family home built and prepared by Vision Pacific Contracting. We have been in since Dec. 1, 2011 (house was delivered exactly to the contract date!) and have nothing but good experiences working with Tim, Harm, Stephanie, Kristen, and the rest of the gang at Vision Pacific.

We first heard of Vision Pacific and their Rainbow project through an acquaintance at work. We were able to view and analyze their home and quickly determined that Vision Pacific would be a good fit for our build. The fit and finish exceeded our expectation, their ability to customize components of our house was to our liking. Subsequently meetings with Tim reassured us that he would supply our build with expertise and integrity, and that he was genuinely committed to supplying the Whistler locals a quality product.

During our initial contact with Vision Pacific, Tim assisted us in picking the perfect lot, despite it being covered in VANOC Security trailers at the time [During the Olympics]. From there his teams were most helpful in providing us with many options which made customizing our new home a breeze. Preliminary and further negotiations were handled expertly and professionally by Tim. The final contract price was produced and signed on immediately, and we broke ground on our "Conrad" plan June 1. There were a few Change Orders along the way which allowed us further customization to suit or desires.

Harm, Vision Pacific's construction superintendent was very helpful and professional in following up on any and all requests or concerns we brought forward. It was a pleasure to work with him. No matter how small or insignificant our requests were along the way, Harm was there to serve us in a responsive and extremely professional manner.

Kristen also was a huge assistance to us in fielding our many requests and guiding us through the whole process of our build. She was always accessible and able to respond quickly to our varied requests and questions during our build process. Any of our questions she was unable to immediately answer she provided prompt follow up.

As new Rainbow resident we could not be happier with our new custom home that Vision Pacific has provide our family.  


Adam & Pauline Francis
8417 Bear Paw Trail Whistler BC 

Brooke & Kevin Arnold

April 20, 2011,
Tim Regan of Vision Pacific was with us every step of the journey. He listened to all our hopes, worked with our limitations and built us our dream home. He and his amazing team, especially Harm Oostindie site superintendent, continued to surprise us by stepping up their game whenever the project hit a challenge. We couldn't be happier! 

Thank you Vision Pacific!
Brooke & Kevin Arnold
8481 Bear Paw Trail Whistler BC

Hanna Lynn